About Us



Create unique scents that promote intentional living. 


Maison Ora started from our ever-evolving love of perfume, pure craftsmanship, and personal expression. 

We are guided by special moments, big or small. Our approach to mindfulness invites opportunities to notice and be delighted by the world around us: a hand on a knee, an unexpected smile, fresh citrus at the market, a rustling of leaves in the wind. To us, the ordinary is extraordinary. 


Our scents, personally curated and originally crafted, bring the ordinary to new heights. Our materials (parasoy wax and fragrance oils) are meticulously selected and tested for optimal performance. 

Each candle is a unique journey. We are honoured to be a part of yours.  


Each Maison Ora scent is inspired by our personal experiences and designed to deliver inviting and captivating spaces. Our candles promote atmospheres of calm, rest, mindfulness, adventure, and curiosity.

The power of fragrance transports us to nostalgia, fantasy, and imagination. The beauty lies in our unique responses to the same scent: it triggers memories completely unique to each of us. Let your senses guide you as you experience our custom crafted scents. 

Fragrance is personal, whether it’s on your wrist or your coffee table; what does yours reveal about you?